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Login and complete an Application for Grant Funding  
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Step One: Complete an Application for Registration as an Eligible Organization

Click on tab at upper Right-hand side of this page to apply for Registration as an Eligible Organization.

a. You will be issued a user name and password in Part One.
b. Login to complete Parts Two through Four of the application.
c. In Part Three, you can upload support documents directly to application or select option indicating you will mail or fax them. Applications without support documents will NOT be processed.
d. Print Part Four document, have signed by your organization’s executives then send in by fax, email or mail.

You can log out anytime and continue where you left off at a later date as long as you click the ‘Next’ button to save your progress.

Once you complete the application for registration as an eligible organization you will be notified regarding your organizations eligibility or non-eligibility.

Eligible organizations will be issued a registration number which shall be valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of qualification.

If your organization has been previously registered, proceed to Step 2.

Step Two: Complete an Application For Grant Funding

If your organization has been deemed eligible and has been issued a registration number, click on the link at the upper Left-hand side of this page.

Login using username and password that were issued during the Registration process. Complete application for grant funding.

Forgot username and password? Contact us at 306-956-6138 or email support at support@sktc.sk.ca.

If you are having problems with the application please call 306.956.6138 or email: Support@sktc.sk.ca